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  2. People of Kerala India

    People of Kerala India

    People of Kerala India part one

    As promised here is part one of my People of Kerala India series. What can I say without sounding like a broken record? I truly fell in love with this place, everyone is so happy, a sincere happy, all the smiles are sincere you can feel it, and I love every bit of it.

    I had it in my head to create a series about the people before I got there, but I was going to…

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  3. Kerala Smiles

    Kerala Smiles.

    Its those eyes that I miss and the smiles that I love. Everyone is so happy in Kerala, not sure whats in the air but its definitely contagious. Everyone looks at you with this great big smile, from ear to ear, you can’t help to return it.

    I can’t wait to go back and be surrounded with honest happiness, the girls are so beautiful, when they smile at you you can’t help but to be in…

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  4. My first Indian Sunset

    My first Indian Sunset

    My first Indian sunset, I was hooked. This was my second day in Kerala India, and we ended it like this? How could I not be hooked?!?!?

    We wrapped up the the day by watching the sunset at The Leela Kovalam hotel, we had tea (I got coffee not much of a tea drinker) and appetizers while watching this incredible sunset. The Hotel is amazing and we were treated like royalty. Part of me just wanted to…

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  5. Rode Video Mic Go

    Here is a quick review of the Rode Video Mic Go. I was looking for a compact ez to use and ez to carry microphone and I found this incredible little mic.

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  6. India Lightroom Preset for Street photography

    India Lightroom Preset for Street photography

    Free India Lightroom Preset for Street photography. Click here to download free India Preset.

    Good afternoon and happy Saturday people. As you know I just got back from an amazing trip to Kerala India, I came back a changed man, so many stories, so many experiences, so many photos, but most importantly, so many new friends, some that will be in my life for the rest of my life. I am so grateful…

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  7. Kerala India

    Kerala India

    First week in Kerala India has been amazing, where do I start? I feel really fortunate and honored to be here. I am with the coolest group of people, in a really amazing place. If you want to see the whole group go to .

    As soon as I got here I fell in love with the people, they are so nice, always smiling always hanging out, the women are beautiful, and the kids are just so cool.…

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  8. Kerala Blog Express

    Good morning people, I woke up kind of in a rush, I just realized I leave for India tomorrow and I have nothing ready. I while back I posted on my FB a link to Kerala Blog Expressto be sent to India and blog about it for 3 weeks. I got some votes, not a lot but some. (I discovered this thing 3 days before voting was over) (thank you to everyone that voted) Luckily out wasn’t just about votes, and…

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  9. Lake Tahoe Before Sunset

    Here is a photo I shot last summer, it was a beautiful day, the lake was still, so still you could see the bottom.

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  10. Carbonell Brickell Key

    Carbonell Brickell Key

    Here is a photo of the Carbonell Brickell condos. I went out with some friends to photograph buildings this particular night and I wanted to get some clouds painted on the background. This was the first photo I shot and luckily I got the shot because right after the sky cleared up and the clouds never came back for the rest of the night.

    This was shot at 230 seconds, F22 ISO 50, 14-24mm lens…

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  11. (via mmmmmmmmmy)

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  12. Ocean Dr. Dressed in Black

    Ocean Dr. Dressed in Black

    Ocean Dr. Dressed in Black.

    Good afternoon people. Las night was windy and a bit cool, (for Miami Beach) but I managed to get on my bicycle and head to Ocean Dr. The clouds were just amazing. I could’t look at them thought my window without going out there and taking some pix. I posted this on Facebook earlier but the resolution was bad, so here it is. Ocean Dr. dressed in Black.

    Ocean Dr. Dressed in Black

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  13. Miami BeachView Post

    Miami Beach

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  14. The Oakland BridgeThe Oakland Bridge
Every time I go to San Francisco I end up at this place, even if its just for a…View Post

    The Oakland Bridge

    The Oakland Bridge

    Every time I go to San Francisco I end up at this place, even if its just for a…

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